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Banten Tea



B A N T E N , I N D O N E S I A

Founded in 2006, Harendong Tea Estate is a certified organic tea plantation nestled in the mountainous area next to Mount Halimun Salak National Park, Lebak, Banten, western part of Java Island, Indonesia.


As the first rays of the sun breaks through the misty morning dew that blankets over the plantation, the tranquility slowly turns to laughter and light chatter as the pickers weave through the rows of bushes, handpicking only the young and tender leafs.

Under the gentle nurturing hands of the employed local residents, our tea bushes thrive in the mineral rich soil and natural ecosystem, where clean fresh air is abundant and pure mountain spring water overflows.  In batches, the young shoots are carefully crafted by the tea master into little morsels of tea, ready to bloom at the first touch of water.

Certified organic by IMO, Switzerland. Accredited to EU, JAS and USDA.

Organic Indonesia and Halal.

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