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Hummus & Co

Natasha was born to Indian-origin parents in Indonesia. Having being raised in Jakarta, she was already exposed to a diverse culinary experience from a very young age with her mother often mixing the local Indonesian flavors, to substitute for their ancestral herbs and spices, to suit their unconventional palate.
During her honeymoon in Turkey, Natasha, who has a penchant for travelling, fell in love with the flavors of the city, particularly that of the mezzes.
Mezzes are small middle-eastern dishes often served as snacks or appetizer before a full course meal. It is a Persian word that literally means ‘snacks.’ It can also be served as a whole meal in its own right, often, accompanied by flat bread or pita bread. While cruising along the Bosphorus strait, a waterway which literally connects Asia to Europe, she had an epiphany to create Hummus  – a middle eastern staple and arguably the most popular and best known of all middle eastern dishes, and a must on any mezze table x
 –  in the flavors of  her ancestry and hence, Hummus & Co was conceived.

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