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Manfaat Sayur dan Buah

Rejuvenator for our Body

Aloe vera is known as a great rejuvenator that is good for many body conditions, both internal and external body uses. Aloe vera is wonderful for the skin. For thousands of years, aloe has been used to sooth and moisturize the skin, diminish the appearance of scars, and restore the skin to great health. Aloe is a natural and great way to rejuvenate our body. The aloe vera gel has jelly-like texture that taste watery with slightly bitter and sweet tinge on the finish.

Health Benefits

Aloe vera provides an amazing number of vitamins and minerals that reduce inflammation and fight free radical damages to our body cells. Aloe vera also contains various enzymes that enable our body cells to function properly, thus stimulate the immune systems and kill infections. Consuming aloe vera is known to help digestion, as well as to soothe and heal stomach ulcers. Besides its consumption benefits, aloe vera is also a great natural treatment for dry hair, itchy scalp, and skin irritations.

Aloe Vera

Storage and Prep

The aloe vera plant leaf has two substances: the aloe gel which is the clear, jelly-like substance found in the inner part of the leaf and the aloe latex, the yellowish substance which comes just under the leaf’s skin. If you want to make aloe vera juice, it is important to remove the aloe latex (the yellow part under the skin).


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